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Purpose of SCAR section in kaitnieks.com

Always think about your safety.
I never intended to have an official SCAR site. Unfortunately lots of scam sites impersonating me have appeared lately so I decided to make the official site to prevent people of downloading keyloggers.
To check if any cheating website is safe, always scan the downloaded files with anti-virus software. Before you download anything, check if the community is real - are forums dead or alive? Scammers won't get hundreds of different posts every day in their forums. Better if you watch the forums and the site for a few days before using any downloaded software.

What can scammers do?
If you download and run their infected programs, they will take your game accounts, take your game money and items, read your e-mails, use your instant messenger account to trick your friends into launching their keyloggers and probably even steal your money from PayPal. Is all this worth just to get a probably not working cheat for an online game?

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