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SCAR (0)

SCAR. Just another scriptable macro.

What is SCAR?
SCAR is a scriptable macro program for automatization of tasks. It can also be used to create games and simple tools, teach yourself programming or cheat in online games. SCAR was initially written as cheat for RS as the very first scriptable clicker for the game. Nowadays it's used in other games as well such as Neopets. SCAR scripts are written in Pascal language.

How to use SCAR?
After you download and extract the archive, launch SCAR and instructions of usage will be displayed. If you are still having problems, visit SCAR forums.

How much does SCAR cost?
SCAR is absolutely free. The selling of SCAR of any kind is strictly forbidden. If you purchased SCAR from someone, you have been scammed.

Who developed SCAR?
SCAR was initially developed by Aivars Irmejs and has been continued by Frédéric Hannes.

Where can SCAR be downloaded?
Download it from HERE (official SCAR download site).
If you downloaded it from anywhere else, you might have been infected with a keylogger or trojan virus. Be careful!

Where can SCAR scripts be found?
At SCAR forums.

Is there support for SCAR?
First, if you're having problems check: SCAR support wiki.
The program creators do not guarantee support of any kind. Do not contact me if you have questions about usage of SCAR. Before you get desperate, read posts at SCAR forums.

SCAR copyrights reside with Aivars Irmejs and Frédéric Hannes. Any kind of distribution of SCAR without permission is strictly forbidden. Contact me about SCAR related issues at scar@kaitnieks.com

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