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Finding RS cheats

Current situation
Currently RS cheating is decentralized. That means there are lots of various forums and every single cheat has its own community. That causes two things:
1) cheating can't be taken down by taking down just the biggest community
2) cheats are pretty hard to find and obtain
If you just download cheats, you will be considered "leecher" and probably denied any support. Cheat makers want you to participate actively in their community and contribute. Of course it's not possible to be active everywhere, so choose few cheats that suit you and stick to them.

How to find them?
Basically you should search any forums, any link lists for any good cheats. Do not download from direct links, as you can't be sure if it comes from the official place and also you won't be able to read any info. Try to find the home of the cheat and download from there. That will ensure you always have up to date and clean version. Read any info you can, read what others have posted, develop a thirst for information.

What to be careful of?
Not all cheat makers are honest. Not all cheats are clean. Sometimes the whole cheat might be a lie and not exist. Sometimes a program made by someone else is taken and binded with keylogger.
Before you download, make sure of 3 things.
- Is it the official download? Only download directly from the community that has created the cheat.
- Is it clean? Scan downloads with antivirus programs, use firewalls, use any other methods you know to find out if it's clean.
- Is the community real? Someone might claim they have made a bot that doesn't even exist. See if they have forums, if the forums are alive.

What kind of cheats are there?
Currently there are bots, clickers and AutoRune. Some cheats are free, some require payment. There are no existing stat changers or item dupers period.

Anyway, I compiled a cheat list to make it a little easier for you.

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