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19.01.2006 Yet another Mass Ban
It's happened yet again, another mass ban except this time as I predicted in RS2 (Think I outta go into fortune telling?), This time the bannage was multiplied by 10, over 15k accounts were banned under JageX's new Shiny Macro Detecting System. As usual we will all mope around and think this is the rapture but eventually some genius will come and take us all into the Garden of Macroing. The best to handle this situation is by not over reacting and acting calmly. Do NOT panic because that is what JageX wants you to do

Read it here ---> http://runescape.com/

Official Thread ---> http://www.kaitnieks.com/scr/showthr...662#post246662
(E.r. Not all bots were affected by this mass ban, it seems more Aryan specific)

~ VG_Kobra ~

18.01.2006 Hold that catafalque
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30.11.2005 Aryan and Player-moderators.
30.11.2005 Aryan released!
30.11.2005 Different kind of cheating
23.10.2005 Final Server Release
12.10.2005 RSCN is dead
08.10.2005 SBot2 released!

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