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Yet another Mass Ban 19.01.2006
This time the bannage was multiplied by 10, over 15k accounts were banned under JageX's new Shiny Macro Detecting System

Hold that catafalque 18.01.2006
Although Aryan bot officially died, people have been releasing private releases.

R.I.P to Aryan 17.01.2006
Well everyone its happened, Aryan has been shut down and RegeX has quit.

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Welcome to RS cheating!

About this site
This site is about cheating in online multiplayer games. Currently this site focuses on scriptable Windows macro SCAR and RS cheating information. Forums also contain SCAR scripts for such games as Neopets and Battleon.
Take a look at the best RS cheating forum here at kaitnieks.com!

Also you can chat on IRC on server irc.kaitnieks.com.

For RS cheaters
Do NOT download cheats from any kind of forums if someone distributes programs using my name, except from this site forums.
Do NOT download from SCAR websites because there is no official SCAR website other than this.
Do NOT download from person using MSN kaitnieks@hotmail.com - that's NOT me.
Feel free to ask for credibility of any web site in forums
Ask yourself if it's worth downloading a cheat program from unreliable sources, risking to lose your game accounts, risking someone reading your private e-mails, impersonating you on MSN or forums. All that can be done by an attacker even if you run infected file download from unsafe site only once.
If you're interested in creating or downloading SCAR scripts, learning Java, Visual Basic or Delphi programming for cheat writing, or you are trying to figure out how to write Java bots or private servers for RS, feel free to join and start discussions on site forums.

For my anti-fans
There are few things that you should know.
- I'm not playing RS so I'm not gaining unfair advantage or acting against rules.
- SCAR download is clean. It's even ensured as much as it's possible that SCAR scripts created by others can't be harmful.
Here is some software to detect malware: 
KL Hunter, Personal Antispy, ZoneAlarm firewall.
- This site does not link to malicious websites, it warns players about them.
- This site does not host any malware. It doesn't host any bots, cheats or macros for RS or any other online multiplayer game. This site is informational. The players can find out about the cheating history, cheating situation and methods. Also, this site is completely and totally against scamming.

Contact me
e-mail: aispam@serveris.lv
(It's mostly for spam but I do read it)

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