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Sleepwalker and Fatigue Operator

What is SleepWalker?
Sleepwalker (also known as ColdFeet) and Fatigue Operator is a pair of programs designed to work around RS human check system. Basically it allows other cheaters to type your sleep words when you sleep in the game while you sleep in real life.

Sleepwalker is the part that sends your sleep words to other cheaters. In order to use sleepwalker you got to type for others first.

Sleepwalker should automatically detect your client window and automatically send the word when you sleep in the game. If it doesn't, use crosshair and drag it to the client window.

Fatigue operator
Fatigue op is the part where you type for others. For every typed word you gain +1 FO. For every FO gained you can sleep once. You must type the word correctly before others do, you must be the first one to earn FO. You can only sleep if your FO count is greater than SW count.

(as you see I have 5967 FO and 161 SW points)

SW and FO both ask for username and password. This is NOT your RS username/password, you can create SW accounts at SW web panel. To get to the web panel, click "W" in Fatigue Op.

Where can Sleepwalker be downloaded?
Look for it at www.rscheatnet.com

Is there support for Sleepwalker?
Yes, check out www.rscheatnet.com/forums/

Who's developing Sleepwalker?
Sleepwalker was originally created by me and Evil Cowgod, the latest versions are being developed by Dylock and Mediator.

Does it still work?
Nope, not anymore. You should look for one of those RS Classic specific OCR programs. More info at rscheatnet or forums.

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