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All about AutoRune

What is AutoRune?
AutoRune is/was a scriptable RS cheat. AutoRune was not a color clicker, it redirected RS client to itself and acted like a proxy, analyzing and injecting connection data to both directions. Also it was the very first scriptable RS cheat and the script language was very easy to learn.

It could do everything - autowalk, autofight, automine, autofish, autosell, autobank, autotrade and even PK, you name it.
AutoRune used to be dead, but Josh fixed it. His version is somewhat limited but it works.

What is AsheyRune?
AsheyRune is modified version of AutoRune, it was created by Buckna. AsheyRune used different GUI and Buckna's own authorization server. There are no working AsheyRune versions anymore.

Where can AutoRune/AsheyRune authorization be obtained from?
Contact Josh. Try www.autorune.org/forums/

Is his version safe?
Well I don't guarantee anything. It's his version and frankly since I have stopped making cheats for RS I don't care.

Contact details
Before you contact me, remember that AutoRune source code is not my property as it was sold thus I can't give it to you. Contact me about AutoRune related issues at autorune@kaitnieks.com

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